An autumn escape to Lombardy Cottage

As a writer and pure introvert at heart, I am constantly on the lookout for cute and cozy hideaways where I can disappear off the grid, relax, and feel inspired. I wish there was a...

Travel to London, England (Christmas 2013)

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Exploring lush green Northland

I can’t believe it took me years to finally visit Northland – the most northern region of New Zealand. Quite possibly as far as I could physically get from where I live in Wanaka and...


Back in early September I got the chance to do a quick trip to Iceland. On the day of departure my local camera store got a brand new Nikon D850 for me (2days before...

Travel to Capri, Italy

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The Atacama desert is home to the darkest and cleanest skies in the world. A view to the nightsky rewards with uncountable numbers of stars and fantastic nebulas in one of the most quiet...

11 Best Places to See in Iceland

With its spectacular landscapes, hospitable culture, travel-friendliness, and Northern Lights reputation, Iceland sits at the top of many travelers’ bucket list. In fact, there are so many great spots to experience in the country,...

Travel to Venice, Italy

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Snapshots Of Oxford: A Photo Series

We arrived in Oxford on Friday morning of Easter weekend. Expecting the city to be packed with people for the holiday weekend, we were pleasantly surprised to find that after Friday, we practically had...

Giant’s Causeway: Visiting At Sunrise And Sunset + Hiking

Have you ever anticipated visiting a particular place so much and for so long that when the opportunity to see it finally comes around, you’re actually kind of nervous about it? (Please, please tell...

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