If You’re Feeling PRESSURE From Life – WATCH THIS | Tony Robbins Will Open Your Eyes

A collaboration with my friend Lewis Howes (we have exclusive permission to create this remix) Don’t forget to check out his channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/lewishowes

One of the things we want to do with our content is not only to create powerful motivational videos to get you moving and excited to make a change in your life but the create content that has information but also inspires you to think.

► About The Message In The Video
In today’s world, we feel anxiety in stress around many aspects of our life. The real question, however, is are those fears warranted or are we creating problems that don’t exist. Tony Robbins shares his experience and comes up with a solution that has helped him tackle it.

►Licence & Permission
This video is a collaboration with our friends at The School Of Greatness. He has given us exclusive permission to remix this video in order to inspire more and motivate more people around the world with the power of video editing and the beauty of music. So don’t forget to show love to the godfather of greatness Lewis Howes.

►The Speaker

Full Interviews below

Tony Robbins:

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►The Background Music
Our private composer has created the music exclusively for #AbsoluteMotivation:

NIMZ Soundcloud:

►The Footage
All our footage has been licensed.

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