THE ATTITUDE THAT BREEDS SUCCESS – Robert Greene (you can adopt this)

Our attitude is hard moments in life is what defines us.

► About The Message In The Video
Very often in life, we will deal with moments that make us want to give up. It is not what we do when life is easy but it is how we respond and react when it is going hard.

►Background On The video
This video is a collaboration with our friends at The School Of Greatness. He has given us exclusive permission to remix this video.

►The Speaker
Robert Greene

Recently, Robert has published a new book called ‘The Laws of Human Nature’, we’re loving it so far.

►Where To Lewis Howes

►More from us at Absolute Motivation




►The Background Music
Our private composer is also my older brother you can find his music and all the tracks that were used in the making of this video on his Soundcloud.

►The Footage
The footage has been licenced

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