YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT | An eye-opening video about the hard times in life

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► About The Message In The Video
Everyone in life is going through something and while it seems on social media that everyone is happy and have perfect lives some of the happiest people often mask their pain, I hope this video will help you understand that tough times don’t last and that all we need to do is be patient and focus on improving and helping ourselves.

►Background On The video
This video is a collaboration with our friends that manage Steven Bartletts personal brand. He has given us exclusive permission to remix this video.

►The Speaker
Steven Bartlett

►Where To Find Steven

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►The Background Music
Our private composer is also my older brother you can find his music and all the tracks that were used in the making of this video on his Soundcloud.

Awe & Wonder:

Accomplishment (Outro Music):

►The Footage
The footage has been licenced excluding the ones which were used to reference what Steven was talking about.

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